War Poems

January 26, 1991

The Soldiers They doze and dream of women, wine and war,

The soldier's dream. The helmets on their heads

Seem heavy as they ride across the sands.

They know -- despite their youth -- of death and gore,

They muse of other campaigns long since dead,

They stroke the deadly weapons in their hands.

The wheels lurch, then roll, then stop again.

Tonight, intruders in a foreign land,

Tonight these soldiers, men, now none a boy,

This vehicle, this plan, not all in vain.

The opened door, the pause, the brisk command!

They step into the darkened streets of Troy!

Sean Hyacinth


capital grandeur

wash is done

briefs stained

bleach failed

stone beaten

streams of lies

dammed mouth

flag snorting

oil spilling

chemical crazy

blood drinking

money eating

sons of George

Rusty Simpson


From an Old Warrior to Young Warriors

Prepare yourselves!

If the storm breaks you must be ready

Slip beneath the surface of your mind

Step carefully there in the darkness

Direction and meaning become mere wisps of smoke

vTC Past and future are swallowed by a voracious present

Demons lurk within and without.

Those within are confined.

Unchain them!

Make them your slaves,

and your savior.

You will get lost

temporarily at least

Fear and rage rush through your body

like tidal waves

They erupt in your stomach

explode upward into chest and brain

It seems that mere flesh and blood

cannot contain such fury

But they can -- young warriors -- they can

Such a fragile vessel -- so small

And yet it can hold an ocean of torment

This is your greatest strength, young warriors,

And dearly shall you pay for it.

If you find yourself alive

When the smoke of battle clears

give thanks for the Great Mystery

Swim slowly up from the depths of madness

too much light too soon will blind you

Make you crazy forever

Your pain and confusion will subside

But you will never entirely mend.

Patience and time and a kind fate

Will allow you to find your way again

Tired in your soul perhaps

With sadness in your heart

But a day will come, young warriors

When the sun will shine again.

` S.V. Ashman

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