Status hot lines for U.S. gulf forces WAR IN THE GULF

January 26, 1991

Family members with questions about the status of individual service members may call the following hot lines:

Army (800) 626-1440

Air Force (800) 253-9276

Navy (800) 255-3808

Marines (800) 523-2694

Coast Guard (800) 283-8724

American Legion

Family Support

hot line (800) 786-0901

Maryland Army and Air

Nat'l Guard (800) 492-2526

Or from Baltimore 576-6019


U.S. Army Reserve hot line

(only for family members of

reservists called to active

duty) (800) 874-8451

U.S. Army Desert Storm hot line

(nationwide community family

support center hot line, for

family members of Army per

sonnel only) (800) 542-9254

Red Cross Desert Storm

hot line (800) 677-7565

National Military Family

Association (703) 823-6632

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