Iraq to stop showing captured pilots WAR IN THE GULF

January 26, 1991|By Cox News Service

AMMAN, Jordan -- Baghdad radio announced yesterday that Iraq was stopping its televised interviews with captured enemy pilots.

The decision to stop showing captured pilots on Iraqi TV broadcasts was not explained. Baghdad radio said the interviews would be resumed "at the appropriate time" but did not indicate when that might be.

Also, attempting to minimize claims by the U.S.-led allies of their first tangible victory, Iraq countered yesterday that it already had withdrawn its forces from the Kuwaiti island the allies captured this week.

Qaruh island was among several used as a monitoring station where units were only temporarily deployed, the radio said.

"These units' sole task is communication, or communication and short-term engagement with the aim of hampering forward maritime forces," Iraq said. It said the decision to withdraw troops was "the result of military considerations and not of any alleged victory" by the enemy.

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