Note to readers

January 26, 1991

We're making some changes in the Saturday Sun.

Maryland news moves to its own section, along with obituaries and the weather (on the back page, where it appears the rest of the week).

We've redesigned the Saturday section to be a comprehensive guide to weekend entertainment, leisure and do-it-yourself home and garden activities. Most of the popular features from the old Saturday and At Home sections will be in the new Saturday section:

* Rob Kasper's Saturday's Hero * Weekend Picks * Earthworks

* Steve McKerrow's Television * Dining Out * Homework

* Cut Your Utility Bill * What's Happening * Checklist

* Lou Cedrone's Movie Capsules * Gardening * Carryout

Also in the new Saturday section: television logs, a streamlined combination of the best comics from The Sun and The Evening Sun, the horoscope, bridge, and crosswords and other puzzles.

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