'Fantasia' to play at Senator

January 25, 1991|By STEPHEN HUNTER

The Senator is bringing back that old proto-music video "Fantasia" in a restored version for two weeks, starting today.

The original 1940 production featured a full-frame 1:37 ratio, a multichannel stereo soundtrack and an intermission. These features have been re-created for the showing on the 900-seat theater's big screen, but this restored version will also be screened in 70 millimeter for enhanced depth and detail.

Additionally, the screenings at the Senator will feature a 1940 newsreel for an added sense of milieu.

The movie features seven classical set pieces animated to fanciful imagery concocted by the Disney animators, who were then at the pinnacle of their creative powers. The famous sequence involving Mickey Mouse as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is an acknowledged masterpiece.

Critics' opinions on the other selections are divided, however; Igor Stravinsky, whose "Rite of Spring" was one of the other selections chosen, called the sequence "an unresisting imbecility."

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