Harborplace, Gallery lose 13 shops amid downturn Gordon's leaves Harborplace after 10 years

January 25, 1991|By Cindy Harper-Evans

After opening a branch with the inception of the immensely popular Harborplace 10 years ago, the owner of Gordon's Booksellers has shut it down, saying it was not a profitable location.

"One morning it was here, and by afternoon it was all boarded up," said a shopkeeper who shared the walkway on the lower level with Gordon's.

Gordon's six other bookstores around the city will remain open, including one a few blocks from the Inner Harbor at 8 E. Baltimore St., owner Melvin Gordon said.

Mr. Gordon said his lease with the Rouse Co. expires Jan. 31 for the large bookstore's space in the Pratt Street Pavilion but that the store has already stopped operating and workers are busy taking out fixtures, shelves and removing books.

It is not clear what store will take the retailer's 1,100-square-foot space, which is one of Pratt Street Pavilion's largest. J. Martin Lastner, the new mall manager at Harborplace and the Gallery said discussions with an unidentified prospective tenant are being held.

Mr. Gordon said the store appeared to have closed so abruptly last Tuesday because he wanted to keep it open until the last possible minute, while still leaving enough time to shut down the store before the lease expired.

"The volume of business was good, but it just wasn't profitable," Mr. Gordon said.

He said the store was profitable through most of its years, but during the last few years it ceased making money because of expenses.

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