Perfect Games Close, Open Year At Southdale Lanes


January 24, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

Something new is coming to Fair Lanes Southdale. The AMF automatic scorekeepers currently are being installed, and the job should be completed by the end of January.

That means that you can enjoy your midseason league action without the chore of keeping score. And the waypeople have been bowling at Southdale, the scorekeepers are coming just in time.

Last month John Osborne tossed a 300 game to end the year, and onJan. 2, Ken Wholey threw his 300 game to begin 1991.

Osborne fashioned his perfect game on Dec. 16 on Lanes 1 and 2, the same lanes that lefty Jeff Dern had thrown his 300 game in October. All 12 balls were solid in the pocket.

Was it just coincidence that cranker MiltWalker III shot his 300 game in July? Coincidence or not, it seems that Lanes 1 and 2 are hot.

This was Osborne's first 300 game in 26years of bowling, and it came after games of 145 and 169. That was some kind of adjustment and a hard way to get a 614 series.

Osborne, 31, is a well-traveled bowler, spending nine years in the Army and bowling all over the USA and in Germany as a three-year member of theAll-Army bowling team. Twice Osborne finished second in the EuropeanMasters Bowling Tournament.

Osborne's parents were avid bowlers and started him bowling when he was 5. Currently Osborne is averaging 191, bowling just one night a week at Fair Lanes. In the past his average was 210 at Greenway Bowl Odenton. His previous high game was 290, high set 786.

Wholey, bowling in the Westinghouse Men's League, had his 300 sandwiched between a 216 and 166 game. "I reallly didn't care what that last game was," Wholey said. "It was celebration time after the 300."

At Ritchie Fair Lanes in 1988 Wholey had an average of 200. Last year he carded 196 and 190. Currently he's carrying 205 at Southdale and 199 at Ritchie. Four different times he's had games of 279; his high series is 715.

Wholey's 300 is the second in two weeks, the fourth in the last six months and the sixth in Southdalehistory.


Ever wonder what happens to the old, chewed-up, scuffed, beat-to-death house balls that you see sitting next to your polished, carefully protected balls on the racks? You know, the ones that you quickly move so that they can't even associate with your personal bowling balls.

You kind of figured that they just sat there until somebody took pity on them and dropped them off a bridge, right? Well,not always.

Last week was position week for the Carrollton Manor League at Severna Park Lanes, and everything was going along normallyfor Doris Sulerzyski and Bernice Cerio, who have 99-100 duckpin averages.

Both women are teammates on the Should Been Team, and when Sulerzyski threw a 140-plus in the second of the set, Cerio asked her what she was doing differently.

Sulerzyski said that she had started using one of the house balls, one of those old, dirty-looking, beat-up balls with all the scratches and holes.

Cerio, like all duckpin bowlers, will try anything to boost her scores, so the third game she tried that same house ball. And threw a 154 game.

Lee Sosnowski, who oversees the Carrollton Manor League and doesn't miss much of what's going on, asked them, "Been practicing?"

They told the truth. That old house ball had magic in it. Of course, the next question is how can we make sure that we'll be able to find it next week?


Also last week, the Next Generation team of Clair Royston, Shari Cerio, Larry Cerio, Dave Dittmor and Bo Royston took over the Carrollton Manor League three-game team series with 1787.

The Better Late Than Never team they bowled against had a nice 1724 three-game team set,but this night they were just out-gunned. Clair had a 309 set, Shari's was 372, Larry had a 299, Dave had 404 set and Bo threw a 403.


Last Friday night, at Ritchie Fair Lanes in Glen Burnie, the FootBowling finals, where footballs were tossed at the bowling pins, took place.

David Blizzard, 18, a senior at Cardinal Gibbons High, bowls at the Arbutus Lanes, and in the two-frame format tied with Gregory Stanback from Harford Lanes in Baltimore County with a 13 score.

There was a two-frame roll-off, and Blizzard tossed an 11 to Stanback'snine to win the Super Bowl trip for two.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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