Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Carroll, 80, the first head of the...

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January 24, 1991

Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Carroll, 80, the first head of the Defense IntelligenceAgency, died of pneumonia Sunday at a nursing home in Alexandria, Va. General Carroll, an Air Force officer who was involved in national security affairs for 30 years, headed the DIA from its establishment in 1961 as a special unit to coordinate the intelligence activities of the separate services until he retired in 1969. Before that, he was inspector general of the Air Force and conducted investigations of suspected security violations, including the 1960 defection to the Soviet Union of two employees of the National Security Agency. He was also deputy commander and chief of staff of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and, from 1950 to 1958, he was deputy inspector general for security of the Air Force.

Northrop Frye, 78, the influential literary critic who tracked myths and symbols to their biblical sources, died Tuesday in Toronto. No details were announced. A teacher and ordained minister with the United Church of Canada, the shy critic ministered to generations of university students. His "Anatomy of Criticism," published in 1957, became a standard work. Mr. Frye wrote more than 20 books. He was working on the second volume of his two-volume study, "Literature and the Bible," when he died. The first volume, "The Great Code," published in 1982, delved into the symbolism of the Bible.

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