AT&T asks to raise calling-card charge

January 24, 1991|By Leslie Cauley

American Telephone & Telegraph Co. has asked the Public Service Commission for permission to raise the surcharge for calling-card calls in Maryland to 80 cents, effective Feb. 1.

AT&T currently imposes a 60-cent surcharge for intrastate calls in Maryland. The fee is imposed each time a long-distance call within Maryland is charged to an AT&T calling card.

AT&T wants to raise the surcharge in Maryland to put it in line with the state-to-state rate, currently 80 cents, said AT&T spokesman Lowell Connor.

The increase is also needed to allow AT&T to recoup its cost of providing the calling-card service in Maryland, Mr. Connor said.

That view, however, was not shared by People's Counsel John M. Glynn. He said that AT&T has not yet provided cost data to justify its request.

"Trying to make the charge consistent isn't justification for raising it," Mr. Glynn said. "This is just an attempt to generate more revenues from ratepayers."

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