School Trips Canceled

January 23, 1991

Carroll school officials, concerned about the prospects of terrorismin the wake of Operation Desert Storm, have canceled student field trips to Washington and Baltimore.

Brian L. Lockard, Carroll's assistant superintendent of instruction, notified school principals of the decision last week.

"Due to the current international situation, all field trips scheduled for Washington, Baltimore or other metropolitan areas will be canceled," the memo stated.

School officials said the situation will be re-evaluated Feb. 1.

Although there were no field trips planned this month at Westminster Elementary School, principal Larry W. Thompson called the administrative decision a good one.

"With all that's going on, you just never know," he said. "The safety of childrenis the No. 1 concern."

He said field trips aren't generally scheduled in January. He also noted that most field trips involving younger students are made closer to home.

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