More Apply For Public Aid

January 23, 1991

Although understaffed because of state cuts, the Carroll County Department of Social Services is fielding increased applications for public assistance, Director M. Alexander Jones told the board of directors yesterday.

The result is a longer waiting period -- three weeks instead of one -- between the time a person calls for help and the interview in which the department determines the applicant's eligibility, Jones said. If eligible, the person may have to wait anotherweek or so before getting the aid, Jones said.

In the meantime, emergency needs are met through the expedited food-stamp program and by referral to private agencies, he said.

Jones projected that 325 families will have applied for foodstamps by the end of January, as compared with 151 last October and 131 in October 1989. Similar increases are projected for aid to families with dependent children and other programs, he said. Jones said he has no reliable statistics that separate seasonal layoffs from those related to the recession and a generally slow economy.

Theincome maintenance department, to which people apply for these programs, has three vacancies that can't be filled because of state budgetcuts and another two vacancies because of sick leave, Jones said. With just eight workers left in the department, that amounts to a 35 percent vacancy rate, Jones said.

In other business, board chairman Richard Wilson announced that Miller Davis has been appointed by the County Commissioners as the newest board member. Davis, 48, of Westminster, is director of operations for the New Windsor Service Center. Davis replaces Charles Steinhagen, who resigned for health reasons.

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