Gulf roundup

Gulf roundup

January 23, 1991


Military recruitment officials report that inquiries about enlistingdo not seem to be affected by the Iraqi war.

"It's pretty much business as usual," said Chief Petty Officer Gene Schoeck, media correspondent for the Navy. "No one has come in to say they want to be a part of what's going on over there."

Connie Hill, public affairs officer for the Army Baltimore recruiting battalion, said calls to recruiting stations have increased around the state, but not necessarily for enlistment information.

"In some cases, (officers at the station) are the only Army people in town," she said.

Enlistment figures since the crisis are not available, she said.

Air Force Sgt. Allan Murray said his station has received more calls for civilians wanting to re-enlist, but the flow of applicants without prior service has not changed.


WESTMINSTER -- Members of the U.S. Army Community Relations Office has released the following information to guide people wishingto send packages and mail to soldiers involved in Operation Desert Storm.

Countians are reminded that items prohibited in Saudi Arabia-- alcohol, narcotics, weapons and explosives, pork products, pornography and items contrary to the Islamic religion -- will not reach the addressee.

There is no ban on photos of people dressed accordingto accepted American standards of good taste.

Items needed by soldiers include:

* Games -- hand-held computer games, electronic portable games and board games.

* Music and audio -- cassettes and videos, blank tapes and radios.

* Hobby -- Craft kits, film, disposable cameras.

* Reading and writing material.

* Sports equipment-- jump ropes, squirt guns, Wiffle balls, sponge balls, Frisbees andindoor golf.

* Personal -- toilet articles, lip balm, foot powder, eye drops, petroleum jelly, deodorant, antibiotic ointment, cotton socks and T-shirts, sun visors, insect repellant, sun block, pocket knife, tweezers, thread, extra buttons and extra-long black shoelaces.

* Food -- Dry cookies, like gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, molasses, sugar or oatmeal cookies; peanut brittle; fruit cake without alcohol; individually wrapped hard candy; dried fruits; beef jerky or salami without pork, and powdered drink mix. Food must be able to withstand seven to 10 days transit in 100-degree heat.

Mail for any soldier may be sent to: Any Servicemember, Operation Desert Storm, APO New York.

Soldier mail for a specific person should be addressed to: Name of soldier, rank; social security number; name of assigned unit; Operation Desert Storm, APO New York.

Specific ZIP codes for individual units may be obtained from the Army Recruiting Station.

Information: 848-7323.


More county residents are rolling up their sleeves for the war effort and donating blood that may be needed to treat wounded soldiers in the Middle East.

"God bless those folks out there," said Jeffrey Cook of the unsolicited donors. The Linwood man is a board member of the American Red Cross and disaster volunteer from the Westminster office.

No figures wereavailable yet for the increase, but there is a definite rise, Cook said. In the Baltimore-Washington area, including Carroll County, donations are up 25 percent, said Linda Cline, a spokeswoman for the Central Maryland Red Cross.


The war in the Persian Gulf has stepped up interest in cable television around the county as CNN forges ahead with intensive coverage of military activity inIraq.

"Definitely, it's really shown an impact on what cable can do and it's enhancing cable's ability," said Prestige Cable TV general manager Bill Bethune.

Prestige has had calls coming in from all over the county from people asking for cable hookup as soon as possible so they can keep up with the war news, he said.

Bethune said Prestige is trying to schedule hookups as quickly as they can for thesepeople.

Manchester Cable Co. also has had an increase in calls for cable since the war broke out, said Jake Tamse, director of public relations.

"We're getting a few calls -- they're not running in intruckloads, but they are calling and specifically asking if we carryCNN," Tamse said.

Both companies carry CNN as part of their basicservice.

Bethune said in addition, Prestige has 24-hour monitoring of both CNN channels during the conflict to make sure coverage is uninterrupted.


WESTMINSTER -- When war with Iraq was declared last Wednesday evening, WTTR radio did something very unusual: The station provided continuous coverage of the situation through the next morning.

"We normally sign off the air at midnight," said Brian Beddow, program director. "But we stayed on throughthe night, then the next morning, when it was still new and what people wanted to hear, we stayed on with continuous coverage."

Later, the station returned to regular programming, but with additional news updates on the half-hour, as well as the hourly news.

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