Dell Proposal Gets Ok

January 23, 1991

MANCHESTER — After about a year in front of town officials, a 165-unit housing development on 61 acres of rolling farmland here received the first of three steps of approval Monday.

The Planning and Zoning Commissiongave Henry L. Blevins, a Mount Airy developer, concept plan approvalfor his single-family home project on the Dell property. That property is located in the northwest section of town.

Various versions of the development have been in front of commission members, town officials and county planners at least a half-dozentimes since the project was introduced last February.

Since then,the project has faced considerable citizen opposition despite general support from the county and the town. And while the commission granted the concept approval Monday, the project still must pass two other approval steps.

Blevins' original plans called for a 266-unit mixed-use development, the largest development ever proposed here. Those plans were nixed after nearly 200 angry residents protested Blevins' proposal.

The original development was to be under construction by now. Blevins now expects construction to start no earlier than late 1991. The expected price range of the homes is $80,000 to $100,000.

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