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January 23, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

SHOOTING: Northeastern District -- Police reported that Warren Grant, of the 5200 block of Hillen Road, was standing on the front porch of his home yesterday evening with Anthony Bennett, 20, of the 1600 block of Burnwood Road, when a gray vehicle occupied by several men drove by and one of the occupants fired at least two shots, hitting Grant in the left leg and left side. The car drove off. Police said Grant was taken to Union Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for the gunshot wounds. Police said neither Grant or Bennett were cooperating with the investigation of the shooting. However, police said that the shooting may have been the result of an argument Grant had with an occupant of the car.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Police reported two men, one armed with a handgun, entered General Auto Parts & Supplies Inc. in the 1200 block of E. 25th St. and forced an employee to open an office safe and give them money. Police said the gunman and his accomplice fled with an undisclosed sum of cash.

ROBBERY TRY/ARREST: Northeastern District -- Vincent Scott, of the 2600 block of Kennedy Ave., told police he was home early yesterday when a man he knows entered the house brandishing a handgun and demanded money. Police said someone in the house dialed 911 and reported the incident. When police arrived, the armed man fled. Police gave chase and arrested Vernell Jeffries, 25, of the 4400 block of Moravia Road, who was charged with attempted armed robbery and was being held at the Eastern District lockup pending a bail hearing before a District Court commissioner.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Rose Boykin, of the 1300 block of Homestead St., reported she was in the 1500 block of Exeter Hall Ave. shortly before noon yesterday when she was stopped by a man armed with a handgun who robbed her of the purse she was carrying. Police said the purse contained $70 in cash, two money orders and a wedding ring. Police said the property taken by the gunman had was valued at nearly $2,200.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 4700 block of Harford Road told police that someone broke into a dwelling he owns in the 2900 block of Harford Road and removed a gas range, an AM-FM radio and painting supplies. Police said the property was valued at more than $300.

THEFT/ARREST: Northeastern District -- Police yesterday responded to the Blockbuster Video store in the 5000 block of Sinclair Lane and arrested a man who attempted to leave the premises without paying for a movie videocassette. Police said the man was stopped by an employee and that the video was found hidden under his coat. Police said the man, a resident of the 5100 block of Goodnow Road, was being held at the Eastern District lockup pending formal charges and a bail hearing before a District Court commissioner.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Employees of the Spot Tavern in the 4500 block of Belair Road told police that after two men and two women entered the tavern shortly before 8 p.m. yesterday, one of them forced open a video poker machine and removed an undetermined sum of coins. Police said the theft occurred while one of the four pretended to be playing the machine.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Mary Gutridge, of the 4200 block of Ray Mar Ave., reported she was walking in the 4200 block of Valley View Ave. shortly before 6 p.m. yesterday when she was approached from behind by a man who stole the purse she was carrying. Police said the man escaped with cash and property, all valued at $60.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that someone broke into a dwelling in the 4800 block of Aberdeen Ave. and removed property valued at more than $2,500. Police said the intruder entered through a living room window.

ASSAULT: Northeastern District -- Clare Byrd, of the 4800 block of Truesdale Ave., reported that during an incident in the 5600 block of Bowleys Lane early yesterday evening, a man threatened her by placing a knife to her neck. The man fled, but he was arrested a short time later and was being held at the Eastern District lockup pending charges.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- A 16-year-old resident of the 4800 block of Greencrest Road told police she was home yesterday evening when two teen-agers, a male and female, entered her home and stole her purse containing more than $30 in cash. Later, police made two arrests in the case.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 3100 block of Ravenwood Road reported that someone entered her home and removed property valued at more than $100. The victim told police that two men suspected of taking the property were allowed into her home by her landlord.

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