Jordanians protest at U.S. Embassy WAR IN THE GULF

January 23, 1991|By Dan Fesperman | Dan Fesperman,Sun Staff Correspondent

AMMAN, Jordan -- Chanting "Go away, U.S.A." and waving Iraqi flags, a noisy but orderly crowd of about 200 women staged an anti-war demonstration in front of the American Embassy here yesterday.

Machine gun-toting Jordanian security police stationed at the embassy gate called in reinforcements as the midday rally picked up steam. The biggest disturbance was the occasional blocking of traffic.

One sign summed up the crowd's sentiment, saying, "If you cared that much about Kuwait, why didn't you care about Palestine?"

"It is a double standard," Jana Sadr said of the quick U.S. reaction to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. There was no such reaction when Israel seized the West Bank of the Jordan River in the 1967 war, she said.

"The Americans talk about POWs," she said. "They should go and see the POWs in the Israeli prisons. They only see what the Arabs are doing. They blindfold themselves to what the Israelis are doing."

Indeed, Israel seemed to be just as much of a target of the protest as was the United States. "Israeli Aggression Is The Cause Of The Gulf War," one sign said.

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