Mayor launches drive to clean up city trashCalling trash...


January 23, 1991|By From Staff Reports

BALTIMORE — Mayor launches drive to clean up city trash

Calling trash both a "symbol and a symptom of urban decay," Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke announced yesterday the beginning of a massive advertising campaign and community-based projects to clean up Baltimore.

"It's your Baltimore. Don't trash it," is the theme of the new campaign, funded through October by the city. The slogan will be seen in newspaper advertisements and on buses and trash cans. Promotional TV commercials will feature local celebrities. jTC The first official cleanup day will be March 23 in Waverly.

Jail official claims he's a "scapegoat"


A Baltimore City Jail officer said yesterday that he was being transferred from his job because the jail warden was looking for "a scapegoat" over lapses in the training of 600 correctional officers.

Lt. Paul R. Ferguson said City Jail Commissioner Barbara A. Bostick was reassigning him from the training division to guard duty. He said she was blaming him for laxity in recordkeeping and deficiencies in the training department. Both areas are under investigation by the Maryland Correctional Training Commission.

In March, Ms. Bostick reorganized the training department, strippingLieutenant Ferguson of his duties but not his title. He sued the city, claiming that the jail warden violated a 1983 court order that gave him the job title and salary of a training officer, a position in which he had been working without appropriate compensation.

Ms. Bostick could not be reached for comment by L. Tracy Brown, an aide to Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and the only person permitted by him to talk publicly about jail matters.

Man is shot to death outside Bon Secours


An 18-year-old man was fatally shot last night outside the emergency room of Bon Secours Hospital in Southwest Baltimore, police said.

Bernard Lee of the 4300 block of Eldone Road was walking north on North Pulaski Street near West Fayette Street about 8:30 p.m.

A man approached Mr. Lee, produced a gun, asked him to remove his jacket and shot him in the head. Police said the motive for the shooting was unknown. They had no suspects.

Mr. Lee was taken to the Bon Secours emergency room, then transferred to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he was pronounced dead at 9:30 p.m.

Md. agriculture chief faulted on farm manure


A load of chicken manure, spread over farmland owned by state Agriculture Secretary Wayne A. Cawley Jr., has aroused the attention of a Caroline County health official, who says the manure threatens to leak into the Choptank River.

Not only that, said environmental health director Lester W. Coble, but it smells bad.

Much of the organic pollution washing into the Chesapeake Bay comes from the cumulative effect of runoff of manure and fertilizer from farms in the watershed, scientists have said.

The manure was spread on a soybean field on Mr. Cawley's farm last fall and left to sit -- even near a sediment pond, risking its contamination. "As secretary of agriculture, I agree with the best management practices," Mr. Cawley said yesterday. "But as a farmer, if I plow it under now, I'll leave that ground bare. If a wind comes up, it will take that soil off, and that is not best man

agement either."

Housing official quits with parting complaints


Michael J. Kelly, dean of the University of Maryland law school, has resigned as head of the city's housing commission after 16 years.

He refused to discuss why he was leaving but complained about dwindling federal support. "The living conditions for the tenants is critical, and there must be a strong administration to provide the maintenance and support necessary," he said. Asked whether he found fault with the Schmoke administration's handling of public housing, Mr. Kelly refused to comment.

Water main breaks; 125 homes left dry


A 16-inch water main broke on Argonne Drive in Northeast Baltimore yesterday, leaving 125 families without water.

The break occurred at 4:30 p.m. about 16 feet beneath the surface of Argonne Drive near The Alameda, said James L. Kapplin, a spokesman for the Public Works Department.

Public works crews were laboring last night to repair the break, but Mr. Kapplin said homes might still be without water this morning.


A badly burned fody found late Friday near the Laurel Race Course was identified yesterday as that of Catherine May Baier, 33, a homeless Laurel woman. Police said she had lived in the woods in the area in recent weeks. Charged with murder and arson in her death is William V. Brodnax, 33, of no fixed address.

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