It's not too soon to think getaway


January 23, 1991|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Evening Sun Staff

THE CRUISE shops and magazines are showing swimsuits and beach wraps for winter getaways, but you're still showing the extra poundage from holiday cheeses and chocolates. It's months until serious swimsuit season, but not too early to think about it.

Between now and then some serious attention is given to female bathing attire. The first week in February, Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue hits the stands. Coincidentally, this is the one week of the year that the men in your life express a burning interest in fashion. They seem to fall into the less-is-more fashion aesthetic. They show an uncanny familiarity with fashion's superstars -- just listen to them name drop Elle, Kristie, Paulina. Hear them discuss subtle photographic techniques such as lighting and exposure.

On designer runways it's the same story. The fashion world takes beach wear very seriously. That's why skimpy suits are shown on some of the thinnest, tallest, leggiest, most beautiful women in the world who are combed and painted by the best professionals. To show suits to best advantage some showrooms parade models wearing stockings under their suits to smooth out the lines. Yes, even the thinnest models have some dimples and bulges.

But the most serious swimsuit concerns are your own. You're alone out there with nothing but sunscreen between you and other eyes.

Technology is on your side. Stretch fibers such as Lycra, which tend to cling and reveal in daytime clothes, serve to control and support in swimwear. Computer-generated patterns and designs help manufacturers cut styles tailored to specific body types.

So stick with the diet and do some laps through the malls and shopping centers. Swimsuits are for swimming.

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