Ways to win the running battle with panty hose

January 23, 1991

You're running late for work. You pull out your last pair of daytime sheer off-black Lycra blend panty hose. You start to yank them on while chewing on a bagel. Of course, you get a run.

Hosiery experts claim that with a few precautions, a bit of patience and a lot of luck, you may never find yourself in that situation.

Remove all jewelry from your hands, including watches and bracelets.

Make sure your nails don't have any snags in them.

Sometimes your hands are rough. Apply lotion before putting on panty hose.

Regular gentle washing can prolong the life of your panty hose.

If you fall between sizes, select the larger one. You'll be less likely to struggle when putting them on. Be gentle.

Keep a backup pair and pray for luck.

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