Who are these people with whom we are at war? It is...


January 23, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Who are these people with whom we are at war? It is difficult to generalize about 17 million people, but here, based on interviews with Arab experts, is a primer on Iraq -- the country and its people. Look for it daily in the Today section.


A whisper of criticism about Iraqi President Saddam Hussein carries the death penalty. People have been jailed for spilling coffee on his picture in the newspaper or for leaning against his portrait at a construction site and making it fall. Diplomats tell of people who have disappeared after switching the TV channel in a bar while he was on camera.

There are hundreds of portraits of Mr. Hussein in the public squares of Baghdad -- at least one every few blocks. One 50-mile stretch of highway, for example, holds no fewer than 32 larger-than-life roadside portraits of Mr. Hussein.

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