Fine Industrial Polluters And Discharge Violators

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January 22, 1991

From: Marc E. Morlock

Severna Park

In this day and age there are many factors that are contributing to the Chesapeake Bay's ill health.

However, one of the largest contributors to the Chesapeake's pollution can be stopped. These preventable polluters of the bay are those particular sewage treatment plants that have totally disregarded the proper treatment of sewage and have violated discharge permits.

For those sewage plants that have violated discharge permits, I would like to see the state of Marylandpass a bill that would enable the state Department of the Environment to automatically fine the treatment plants that are guilty of sewage discharge violations.

During the last four years there are two particular cases that involve sewage discharge violations that deservecareful attention.

On Feb. 26 and 27 of 1986, a large sewage spill occurred on Cattail Creek on the Magothy River. According to the state Department of the Environment, 1.4 million gallons of raw sewagewas discharged into the waters of the creek, which is located near the head of the Magothy River.

The cause of the spill was attributed to a force main that had gradually rusted through on a metal pilingas a result of poor construction. So, if the station had been properly constructed, this environmentally disastrous event would have never happened.

Almost 2 years later, the waters of the Magothy Riverwere affected once again by a sewage spill. On Aug. 26 and 27 of 1988, an even greater spill occurred on Mill Creek. This spill is the greatest sewage-related catastrophe that the Magothy River has ever experienced. Approximately 2.5 million gallons of partially chlorinated raw sewage contaminated the waters of both the creek and the river. Once again the spill was attributed to human error.

In the 1990 legislative session a bill was introduced that would have required the state Department of the Environment to automatically fine sewage treatment plants that violated discharge permits. However, this bill failed to pass.

In the 1991 legislative session, concerned citizens should support the reintroduction and passage of this bill. Without thisbill such incidents like these on the Magothy are likely to become more frequent. The only way to stop these spills is to make the treatment plants pay the penalty. This bill must pass in 1991.


From: Faith Loudon


We elected (Clerk of Circuit Court) Mary Rose because she campaigned for better management. When she implemented what she promised, several employees had to be dismissed.

But that is what we elected her to do. We as taxpayers want responsible, fiscal leadership. If it means dismissing some of the employees, so be it. It is what we as taxpayers voted for.

I applaud Mary Rose for her courage to stand upfor what is right.


From: Leslie Marshall-Lawton

Program Coordinator

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Anne Arundel County

The economy has caused serious problems for non-profit and volunteer organizations. This year, our advertising and public relations budgets have been eliminated to help make ends meet. Now I must turn to you and the media for even more support.

Of all the programs we promote, the most important is our Prevent A Litter (PAL) Program. This year, our PAL program will run February 1 to 28; some vets may voluntarily extend the program until March 15. Ideally, if it were completely successful, many SPCA's would be out of a job! However, we all know that will never happen. I can tell you that no one working in a shelter ever gets over the horror of seeing animals euthanized because there are no homes for them.

I personally have witnessed whole litters of cats brought in by someone who said "the mother was an outdoor cat" and the kittens lived outside "but now I just can't afford to feed them." Outdoor cats and kittens that have never been socialized will notbecome pets and therefore are "not adoptable."

Last year we spayed or neutered just over 300 animals. This year my goal is 600. We have 28 participating veterinary clinics and over 100 veterinarians -- a 15 percent increase in participation. Veterinarians are voluntarily suspending or reducing their profit to offer the 20 percent reduced fee. Coupons will be available at all participating veterinary clinicsand over 20 other locations.

Interested persons should call theirvets to verify their participation or the SPCA Shelter at 268-4388.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


From: Fred Davis


National Weather Service

I want to comment on the article by Dianne Williams Hayes concerning the reasons Anne Arundel County opened the schools on Monday, Jan. 7 while all the other Baltimore-Washington metro area counties either closed or had late openings ("Dawn's snow sheds little light on school closing," Jan. 8).

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