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January 22, 1991

Gas prices and quality of life

Petroleum industry spokesmen and their faithful servants within the Bush administration strive to convince us that we are the most fortunate citizens in the world.

They persist in emphasizing that European motorists pay a higher price for gasoline than we. Extend to me and our citizens progressive social programs including free medical care and services from the cradle to the grave that the citizens of European nations can take for granted, and like the Swedish motorist I will readily pay $4.85 for a gallon of gasoline.

Provide me and our citizens with free education through college, and like the Norwegian motorist I will gladly pay $4.10 for a gallon of gasoline.

Furnish our troubled citizens with essential child care and family planning programs, and like the Danish motorist I will be delighted to pay $4.46 for a gallon of gasoline.

Assist our unfortunate citizens with low-cost housing projects and programs for the elderly, handicapped and other deprived citizens, and like the French motorist I will joyfully pay $4.37 for a gallon of gasoline.

The humane social programs enjoyed by the vast majority of European citizens are obviously not tax free. But it appears that they are receiving an excellent return for their investment.

Americans are rebelling against higher taxes, not because they are opposed to "paying their way," but because past experience has convinced them that our leaders will not use the added revenue to improve their quality of life.

eon Peace Ried



Too many people are treating this gulf thing like one of the bowl games. Rah! Rah! Go get 'em! and all that stuff. It's craziness.

Ben Sauter


GROAN? Groan!

As I sat reading an exciting new technical publication, I drifted off to sleep and had this dream: "Join now," he was saying, "join GROAN. Get Rid Of Acronyms Now."

!McKenny W. Egerton Jr.

Owings Mills

No new gas tax

If the buffoons in our state government who feel the need to further fleece their constituency with a 5-cent sales tax on gasoline are willing to take a 5 percent salary cut, perhaps the notion has merit.

The taxpayers should be shown why Maryland needs to constantly be on the cutting edge of the most-taxed people in the United States. Why must we be expected to pay another 5 percent on top of 18.5 cents already being sent down the road into oblivion?

If the Maryland tax-masters are allowed to continue on their destructive course, we will soon be paying more in taxes on a gallon of gasoline than the true cost before taxation.

Ronald L. Dowling


Misguided values

It is written in the Bible that the love of money is the root of all evil. When you look at society's picture of success today you see expensive houses, designer clothing, expensive cars, etc. Children are being killed and assaulted for designer tennis shoes, jackets and jewelry.

The misguided values of society cause the illicit drug trade to thrive because of the millions of dollars that people make. You've read in the papers how stockbrokers broke laws and made millions, even billions, of dollars. Chemical companies have broken laws in their illegal dumping of chemicals. There is no respect for the law when it comes to the love of money.

Until values are changed you can expect crime to increase.

Coleman Tutt


Be thankful

I support President Bush's decision to send U.S. troops over )) to Saudi Arabia. I also support the president's decision to invade Kuwait to stop Saddam Hussein. He is like a cancerous growth that must be surgically removed before it will spread.

I am a veteran, and my best friend has been over in Saudi Arabia since the very start of Operation Desert Shield in early August. He is ready to fight and give up his life if it'll stop madmen like Saddam.

I love my country and am sickened every time I hear anyone bad-mouthing the U.S. Having spent considerable time in foreign countries, I have had a chance to see how really good we in the U.S. have it.

So instead of complaining, just take a few moments out of today and reflect on how lucky you are to be an American. Also take a few moments to give thanks that you aren't over in Saudi Arabia, or along the D.M.Z. in South Korea or over in some other foreign land. Be thankful that there are brave men and women out there protecting our great way of life. The next time you want to complain, take a moment to give thanks to all the past and present protectors of our freedom.

Sam Bell Jr


On the run

Like thousands of others, I moved from Baltimore city to escape high taxes brought on by gross mismanagement. Now the Linowes Commission would have us subsidize 50 years of mismanagement that has continued until this day.

I might remind the political leaders who would enact these recommendations that the Pennsylvania border is just a short distance away. We also have West Virginia, Delaware and Virginia. We won't move? Many already have.

Malcolm S. Barlow


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