Law firm gets a peek at museum's Rembrandts

Sylvia Badger

January 22, 1991|By Sylvia Badger

THE LAW FIRM of Miles & Stockbridge invited more than 400 clients and friends to the Baltimore Museum of Art last Friday evening for a special treat -- "Rembrandt: The Museum's Collection." The firm is a sponsor of this wonderful collection of 95 works dated 1630-61, which will be shown through April 21.

Lowell Bowen, the firm's managing partner, greeted Mr. and Mrs. Vic Rieger, Signet Bank; Gary DiCamillo, president of Black & Decker's U. S. Power Tools Division, and his wife, Susan; Secretary of Economic Development and Mrs. Randy Evans; and Barbara Lucas, vice president of Black & Decker's U.S. Tool Division, and her husband, Ben.

Seen browsing and admiring the collection were Baltimore County Councilman and Mrs. Mel Mintz; Carl Sardegna, CEO and president of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Himelfarb, Legg Mason; and Carl Stearn, president and CEO of Provident Bank of Maryland.

Everyone agreed that this show is a rare "must see."

Members of the nursing staff at Baltimore County General Hospital have again bid farewell to Head Nurse Sharon Christ, aka Air Force Reserve Capt. Sharon Christ of the 60th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

Capt. Christ was in Saudi Arabia from August to December but was able to come home and spend Christmas with her husband, Jim, who works for the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Sharon reported for duty yesterday and is being sent to Europe.

The Baltimore County Medical Association believes in the old saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Every year its gala induction meeting becomes more gala. On hand this year to see Dr. Esther Edery hand over the reins of the association to Dr. Harold Bob were their spouses, Dr. Pablo Dibos and June Bob. Others exchanging pleasantries and enjoying the good music of the Zim Zemarel Orchestra were Dr. Joseph Hooper, president of the Baltimore City Medical Society, and his wife, Shirley; Dr. Myrton Gaines, president of the GBMC Medical Staff, and his wife, Sandi; Dr. David Nagel, president elect of Med Chi, and his wife, Diane; Dr. Louis Breschi, president elect of BMA, and his wife, Jackie; and Neilson Andrews, executive director of BCMA.

Dr. John Gordon presented awards to John Stupak for his "Sunday Rounds" programs; Christopher Gearon for his story "Playing the PAC Game" in the Baltimore Business Journal, and to Robert Mehl, R.N. for his distinguished service and commitment to increasing health awareness for his students at Stemmers Run Middle School. (Mehl is the only male nurse working in Maryland public school system.)

One of the busiest shops in town this past weekend was the Paper Warehouse. Sure they have nice paper party stuff, but the big attraction was the two yards of yellow ribbon they were giving away to every customer. A very patriotic gesture in this time of war. My ribbons are tied on my car and in front of my house.

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