AFC championship records

January 21, 1991

AFC championship game records set or tied in the Buffalo Bills' 51-3 victory over the Los Angeles Raiders:



First downs: 30, Buffalo (previous record, 28, Miami vs. Pittsburgh 1984).

First downs, both teams: 51, Buffalo (30), Los Angeles (21) (previous record, 50, Miami [28], Pittsburgh [22], 1984).

Margin of victory: 48 (previous record, 41 [San Diego 51, Boston 10], 1963).


Points: 51, Buffalo (San Diego vs. Boston, 1963).

Points, quarter: 21, Buffalo, first quarter (5 other teams, last by Cleveland vs. Denver, 1989).



Passing efficiency, game: Jim Kelly, Buffalo, 73.9 (previous record, 70.9, Jim Plunkett, Los Angeles vs. Seattle, 1983).


Points: 18, Kenneth Davis, Buffalo (Larry Csonka, Miami vs. Oakland, 1973).

Touchdowns: 3, Kenneth Davis, Buffalo (Larry Csonka, Miami vs. Oakland, 1973).

Touchdown receptions: 2, James Lofton, Buffalo (ties seven others).

Interceptions thrown: 5, Jay Schroeder, Los Angeles (ties three others).

Extra points: 6, Scott Norwood (George Blair, San Diego vs. Boston, 1963; Uwe von Schamann, Miami vs. Pittsburgh, 1984).

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