Donald Schaefer. Not only did it rain on his...


January 21, 1991

POOR WILLIAM Donald Schaefer. Not only did it rain on his inaugural parade (though he missed the worst downpour by a couple hours) but those pesky Queen Anne's County Republicans are still nipping at his heels.

"You saw it at the state Republican Convention!

"You read about it in many of Maryland's top newspapers!

"You've heard about it from your friends!"

Now, proclaims the flier from the GOP entrepreneurs, "You, too, can get the hottest gift item of the season. Yes, it's the 'King Don, I know where you live' shirt."

This is the tee shirt with the picture of a sneering governor, complete with an "I love Md." tie and a crown atop his head with the numbers "59.6%" That was Mr. Schaefer's winning margin in November, the one he's been complaining about ever since.

Underneath, the tee-shirt caption reads, ". . . as for the rest of you, I know where you live."

The flier then details how, for a $10 contribution to the county GOP, you can own such a tee shirt (over 450 sold so far). It could be just the thing to get the minority party out of its fiscal doldrums -- or infuriate the governor so much that he takes out his frustration on lowly Republicans in the legislature.

* * *TOKYO ECONOMISTS have concluded that Japan's growth has just about peaked. The era of low-interest financing that pushed corporate growth along willy-nilly has ended and the scandals racking the Japanese capital have cost its bankers and financiers dearly.

So over the next couple of years, the economists say, growth should level off.

Observers farther away may see things a bit differently.

It's long been true for Europeans and others that, when the United States economy gets a cold, they have the flu. Since Americans are everybody's No. 1 customer, it is quite reasonable to ask just how the Japanese expected to continue their prosperity with the winds of recession sweeping through American markets.

That chill merchants feel cooling off the Presidents' Day sales will be felt in Tokyo, too.

* * *SEEN RECENTLY at the Orchard Inn near Towson: Glenn Davis, the mighty new batman of the Orioles. He was being hosted by general manager Roland Hemond and team president Larry Lucchino. From across the dining room, Glenn appeared to lTC a very self-assured young man not at all hesitant to speak out to his new bosses. Probably the conversation was about contracts and stadiums and fans and how the Birds stack up against the opposition. The bosses listened rapturously, with the air of art collectors gazing at their newest acquisition.

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