Unwelcome passenger enters Gilchrest's car, leaves him with $1

January 21, 1991

Freshman Representative Wayne T. Gilchrest was mugged driving to his new job in Washington, but the robber took pity on him and left him with $1 -- taking the remaining $5 he had in his wallet.

Mr. Gilchrest, R-1st, said he was driving through slow traffic on New York Avenue in Washington on Friday with his door unlocked, just as everyone does in his hometown of Kennedyville, when he was approached by a man who said he needed help with his car.

Before Mr. Gilchrest could reply, the man climbed into the passenger seat and asked for $80, the congressman told members of the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce at their annual dinner in Easton Friday night.

Unsure if he knew the man, Mr. Gilchrest opened his wallet to show his unexpected passenger that he only had $6. The robber said he would just take $5 and jumped out of the car.

"Actually, he was a pretty friendly mugger, and if you have to be mugged, that's the way to do it," Mr. Gilchrest said.

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