Readers write

Readers write

January 20, 1991


From: Ellie Hoffman

Food service manager

Fallston High School

In reading The Harford County Sun Jan. 6 issue, I was surprised to hear your reporter, Angela Gambill, visitedour school cafeteria.

She did not even have the courtesy to talk to me, the food service manager at Fallston High School.

She apparently has never had any contact with students, because if she had, she would know all students feel it's their "God-given" right to "down"cafeteria food, even if they haven't tried it.

Why didn't she come into the serving area and talk to some students buying lunch and see what they like about our food? Many apparently do like what we offer, as we sell between 300 and 400 lunches every day here at Fallston High School.

We offer at least three lunch entrees, as well as salad bar, each day. Students have a wide variety to choose from every day. We work very hard to provide nutritious lunches for our students,as well as provide a large selection of a la carte items.

As far as a student claiming he had "hairs" in his pizza, I highly doubt that's possible because all of us must wear hair nets.

However, if any student is unhappy with any food purchased, all they have to do is see me for a replacement. We certainly do believe in the old saying, "The customer is always right!"

We not only desire to give our students good food, but also hope to give them a smile and a welcome andprovide them with a pleasant break in their day of classwork.

I really think your reporter missed the boat by reporting such a negative opinion. She also didn't get her facts straight.

She said she was at Fallston Middle School -- when in reality there is no Fallston Middle School -- we have grades 7 through 12 here at Fallston High School. She quoted Bobbie Patton as manager of Bel Air Elementary, when she is in reality a lead worker at Homestead Elementary.

If your paper truly wants to find out what we are serving our students, I suggest you send out a reporter to visit our kitchen and observe us whilepreparing the food.

I would welcome this at any time. Perhaps then you will get an accurate story.

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