Wildlife Rescue Center Plans In The Works

January 20, 1991

The SPCA of Anne Arundel County has been working closely with Guy Hodge of the Humane Society of the United States to develop plans for awildlife rescue center. This center would be used in the event of anoil spill emergency on the Chesapeake Bay or other nearby waterways.

The SPCA plans to create a center capable of handling 125 to 250 oil-damaged waterfowl at its Volunteer and Education Center in Annapolis.

A major advantage of locating this facility at the center in Annapolis is that the center has a good-sized, virtually unused building with heat, running water, electricity, and even outdoor animal pens.

When completed, this facility will have a number of different workareas: a processing treatment area, a veterinary treatment area, a cleaning area, drying room, kitchen, an office, and space for a volunteer lounge.

There will be indoor and outdoor pens.

A heavy-dutywater heating system will be installed, with back-up propane water heaters and a special drainage system that will separate the oil from the water used to clean birds and store the oil in special tanks.

The cost of creating this facility will be approximately $40,000.

Information: 268-2659.

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