People, Not Animals, Are Most Important

Readers write

January 20, 1991

From: Phil Serafinas


Ms. Peyton's ("Provide equal rights for all animals," by Beckie Peyton, Readers Write, The Howard County Sun, Jan. 13, p. 10) concept for a new world order with animals having equal rights as people is ludicrous!

She is way out of step with modern civilization.

She states that "no animal should be killed for any reason."

She apparently does not believe in killing cows, sheep, rats or a rabid dog (if deer have feeling, so do these animals).

So I will assume she's against farming since it is the practice of enslaving animals for human consumption.

She questions, "Are you saying that you and your pet are more important than deer?"

The answer is YES, people are more important than any animal!

You apparently have more regard for animal life than human life by suggesting such a question.

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