Thanks for 'Dolphins'Editor: I am writing to compliment...


January 20, 1991

Thanks for 'Dolphins'

Editor: I am writing to compliment you on the article "Day of the Dolphins" [Dec. 30]. It was a terrific perspective to look at.

I wonder if you could go a step farther and give me the address of the Sea Shepherds. I would like to make a donation.

Again, thanks for your compassion for the marine mammals.

Shelley Freedman Baltimore

Editor's note: The address is Sea Shepherd, P.O. Box 7000-S, Redondo Beach, Calif. 90277.

Dining Out

Editor: I have a Sun Magazine of yours titled Dining Out. I have found it useful and wonder if a more current issue is available. If so, I should like to receive a copy.

Muriel W. Packard Towson

Editor's Note: The next issue of the Dining Out guide will be published Sunday, March 3, and will include reviews of restaurants around the state.

Goucher and Coeducation

Editor: Why would Kathy Lally fail to mention and real reason Goucher went coed? When the Civil Rights Restoration Lawsuit Kokkonen vs. Bennett was filed in federal court, Goucher provided standing to sue for the plaintiffs since the Office for Civil Rights from the Department of Education had taken administrative action against Goucher for sexual discrimination under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972....

Kauko H. Kokkonen Towson

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