From The Sun Jan. 20-26, 1841Jan. 21: Immediately opposite...


January 20, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 20-26, 1841

Jan. 21: Immediately opposite our office, on the corner of Gay and Baltimore Sts., is a house on which 1741, the year in which it was built, is inscribed. The old mansion looks as if it might stand the shocks of time for another century.

Jan. 25: A meeting is to be held in the Eighth ward, of those disposed to relieve the suffering poor, this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at the store of Mr. Leavin Jones, Light Street Wharf near Lee Street.

From The Sun Jan. 20-26, 1891

Jan. 21: The county commissioners anticipate a reduction of about 10 cents on the levy of county taxes this year below the rate of 1890, when the rate was 63 cents on $100.

Jan. 24: "A Baltimore lady" wrote to the Mayor yesterday asking why it is that men from New York and other places are given work on the Belt Line tunnel when Baltimore men are continually turned away and forced to walk the streets in idleness.

From The Sun Jan. 20-26, 1941

Jan. 21: That mock feud between Jack Benny and Fred Allen, which has been carried on over the radio for several years, furnishes the plot for their joint comedy, "Love Thy Neighbor," now at the Stanley Theater.

Jan. 23: Philip B. Perlman, general counsel of the Housing Authority of Baltimore, asserted last night that 37,500 families are living in dwellings unfit for habitation.

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