Marine reserves here called up

January 18, 1991

A Marine reserve company from Baltimore will report for active duty tomorrow as part of the latest call-up of more than 2,000 Marine reservists nationally.

The Marine Corps announced yesterday that the Headquarters and Service Company of the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion would be activated. The company includes 110 to 135 Marines, said Capt. Matt Crotty, an inspector-instructor at the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in Baltimore.

The battalion's mission is to lay mines and obstacles or to clear those laid by the enemy. The company being activated performs command, control and administration functions, Crotty said. It includes cooks, medical corpsmen, administrators, chaplains, communications and supply personnel.

The reservists will report to their reserve center at Hamlet and Chesley avenues tomorrow and will be deployed on Jan. 24 to Camp Pendleton, Calif.

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