Utility vehicles entice buyers at auto showDon't look at...

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January 17, 1991|By Bill Burton

Utility vehicles entice buyers at auto show

Don't look at the four-wheel drive Lamborghini first. If you do, nothing else will satisfy you except possibly the Range Rover. It will cost you $180,000 to drive that big L utility vehicle off the

floor of Baltimore Convention Center, where the seventh annual International Auto Show continues through Monday.

Lamborghini's spacious LM002 with 168-inch wheelbase does 120 miles an hour with its 425-horse V-12. The restyled Range Rover, which costs about $140,000 less, is also an eye-catcher, and a great option for those who can afford it.

More practical choices for the average guy include the stylish new Ford Explorer, a four-door model with large windows and ample interior space for more than a week's outdoor expedition. The digital compass built into the rearview mirror is a nice extra. Figure on up to 20 miles a gallon.

The Isuzu Rodeo is a snappy looker, but sacrifices space for sleek lines. You get a high ride on this V-6 that can tow 3,000 pounds, but unless you are more interested in style, the old boxy and spacious Trooper is more practical.

Saturday, WBAL Radio auto talk show host Dre' Brungardt will conduct three seminars beginning at 7 p.m. on how to get 150,000 miles from your auto. But after seeing all the new models, you might not be interested in keeping the old jalopy.

Show hours today and tomorrow are 5-10 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday, 11 to 7, and Monday, 11 to 7. Admission is $6; children, $3. Call 385-1800.


* Under way through Monday at Washington Convention Center is the 30th annual Washington Boat Show. Call 1-703-569-7141.

* Saturday: Opening of two-day gun show, National Guard xTC Armory, Annapolis. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow; 9 to 4 on Sunday. Admission is $4.

* Saturday: Winter Discovery Hike, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary. Bring binoculars. Call 1-301-888-1410.

* Sunday: Fishbusters trip to Point Pleasant, N.J., for cod, whiting, ling and pollock. Open to public on cost-share basis. Call 1-301-292-8377.

* Monday: Start of DNR two-part Hunter Safety Course, Stoney Creek Hunting and Fishing Club, Pasadena. Call Earl Zoeller, 360-0872.

* Tuesday: Coast Guard Flotilla 1-6, 13-part Seamanship Course starts at Room 107, Annapolis Senior High School. Nominal charge for text and materials. Call 267-6437 or 757-4848.

Planning ahead

* Jan. 26: Opening of nine-day 37th annual Chesapeake Bay Boat Show, Baltimore Convention Center. Call 385-1800.

What's new

* Not only does local guide Mike Draper carry parties for bass, he draws on his experiences to design lures. His latest line -- the Fish Raper Spinnerbait with soft plastic skirt and flexible braided wire arm to support single or double spinner blades -- was introduced at BASS Expo over the weekend.

The exceptionally flexible silicone skirt is flecked with a fishy metal flake, and the flexible wire arm ensures fish-attracting vibration in addition to a more level riding pattern on the retrieve. Color combinations can be produced to match individual angler preference.

The spinnerbaits are available in 1/2 and 1/4 ounces, and are priced at about $3. Call 768-2069.

Latest reading

* In keeping with the latest trend initiated last year by the Department of Natural Resources, the 38th annual edition of Fishing In Maryland announces a catch and release program. Reel the fish in, measure it, and if it meets minimum requirements you get a citation and patch.

DNR is cooperating in the program, with Dave Blazer handling things for the state. Complete details are in the new 170-page issue, which this year features profiles on species available in Maryland, tips and places to catch them.

Updated fishing maps covering just about all Maryland waters -- fresh, tidal and ocean -- are included this year. And there is a special long feature on freshwater trout fishing in the state with detailed access maps -- a must for the serious traveling trout chaser.

There is also a launching ramp guide and an index to bay hot spots. This well-illustrated publication priced at $6.95 is available at newsstands, tackle shops and bookstores.

Names and places

* This could be the second year in the past 20 that Deep Creek Lake doesn't freeze over enough for safe ice fishing. Just ask Hank Brodsky, who fell through in shallow water the other day at Cherry Creek. As soon as skim ice forms, it melts during the day. John Poltroon took three yellow perch on small minnows by boat near the Glendale Bridge.

* Concerned about 177 hunters being shot while wild turkey hunting since 1982 (46 last year, four fatally), the Pennsylvania Game Commission has proposed that hunter orange be worn in the fall hunt. Most accidents involved hunters mistaken for game, which is hard to believe. Also proposed is a ban on the use of rifles while turkey'n in the fall. Another suggestion would permit the use of temporary turkey blinds.

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