10 Powerful Statistics

January 17, 1991|By The American Association of Retired Persons Women's Initiative

* Fifteen percent of women aged 65 and older, 2.5 million people, live in poverty compared to approximately 9 percent of men 65 and older, or one million individuals. Elderly black and Hispanic women are especially vulnerable to poverty.

* About one out of four women aged65 and over receives income from pensions, by virtue of her or her husband's employment record. Those who do receive pensions receive an average of $393 per month.

* In December 1988, the average monthly Social Security benefit for retired women workers was only 76 percent of that for retired men workers.

* Twenty-one percent of elderly unmarried women depend onSocial Security for all their income; more than one in three depend on Social Security for at least 90 percent of their income.

* Nearly 50 percent of all women aged 65 and over are widows.

* Seventy-five percent of those receiving Supplemental Security Income on the basis of age are women; 73 percent of those receiving SSI on the basisof age are women not living with a spouse.

* In 1986, Medicare paid for about half of the total healthy care expenditures of unmarriedmen over 65, 44 percent for couples over age 65, but only 33 percentof total health care expenditures for unmarried older women.

* Seventy-five percent of all informal care-givers are women. Many are mid-life women caring for older women. The average age of care-givers is 46.

* Women comprise 75 percent of all nursing home residents aged 65 and over.

* The average annual cost for nursing home care is$25,000.

Source: The American Association of Retired Persons Women'sInitiative


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