'My country is sorry,' Kuwaiti diplomat says WAR IN THE GULF

January 17, 1991|By Thomas Easton | Thomas Easton,New York Bureau of The Sun

NEW YORK -- Outside the empty Security Council chamber at the United Nations late last night, a small man in an elegant double-breasted suit, clutching amber prayer beads, stopped before a small, roped-off area and began to speak, drawing a sparse crowd before quickly moving off to a repeat performance another semi-deserted floor.

"My country is very sorry," Kuwaiti Ambassador Mohammad A. Abulhasan began again and again. "I feel very sorry for my people, who are now in danger of being attacked by Iraqis; I feel very sorry for the innocent people of Iraq."

Denying that he welcomed the attack, he nonetheless asserted, "We welcome the liberation of my country."

And he stressed that Kuwaitis and the 36 planes remaining in the Kuwaiti air force "were at the forefront," participating directly in the air raid.

"We want unconditional withdrawal. That is our goal," he said, refusing to be drawn into comment on the broader threat posed by Iraq.

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