Jack Russell terrier is in there pitching

January 17, 1991|By New York Daily News

The hottest accessory of 1991 has four legs and a tail.

It's the Jack Russell terrier. The small, mostly white pup is showing up in print ads, TV commercials and alongside society's horsey set. Author Tom Wolfe has one; so does fashion's bright new talent, Christian Francis Roth.

RCA's electronics campaign features a Jack Russell puppy. The terriers also star on J. Crew's catalog covers and romp in some Ralph Lauren ads. On TV, they're pitching things from KalKan dog food to Toys "R" Us.

"They're small, they're cute and they're seen all over the place," says Frances Manzi, production director for J. Crew.

Why the recent popularity? "They have that classic look, that cuteness," says Bash Dibra, an animal trainer and behaviorist who trains pets for commercials.

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