How keepers size up competition

January 16, 1991|By Sandra McKee

The race is wide open for the MSL All-Star goalkeeper position in the Eastern Division. Here's how the division's top keepers size up the competition.

* SCOTT MANNING, Blast: "You know my feeling about stats. To use a goals-against average is a joke. I look to see if a goalkeeper is doing the things he needs to do to win -- timely saves, calling timeout, setting his defense. Kris Peat doesn't impress me. I like Mike Dowler, even though we've beaten him. [Jim] Gorsek never plays away from home. Otto Orf has played well against us. But I guess I'll vote for Dowler and Gorsek, because together they've made the difference for Kansas City. It might be unfair to someone like Otto. If Cleveland was a little better, I'd vote for him."

* MIKE DOWLER, Kansas City: "I don't need stats to tell who the good goalkeepers are. Scott Manning, even though he was injured early, is the mainstay in Baltimore. And Cleveland's Otto Orf is a pretty good keeper. He's athletic and tough to get past. Kris Peat has done pretty well in Wichita. Scott has to be the leading candidate and after that it is difficult. It's going to be rough on players looking at us in Kansas City with Jim and me sharing the starts. Some teams won't have seen both of us play. It might work against us in the voting, but from the team perspective it works well."

* JIM GORSEK, Kansas City: "I'd say Scott, me and Dowler are the only choices in the East. I've never been an All-Star; I get overlooked because my style isn't flashy. The biggest compliment I've ever gotten was when Kenny Cooper said, 'Gorsek doesn't get beat too often. He does what he has to do.' The best thing you can have is consistency, so I'd have to vote for Manning. The other one, probably Kris Peat, because he has played well against us, even though his team hasn't done very well."

* OTTO ORF, Cleveland: "When I was a kid, I looked up to Scott Manning. He was playing in Buffalo then and I loved the way he played. I had my hair like his, I tried to play like him. And now, 10 years later, he's still playing great. I'll probably vote for him and Mike Dowler. Dowler blocks everything our guys shoot at him."

* KRIS PEAT, Wichita: "I simply will vote for who I think is best. I don't need stats to tell me that. I think I may have a chance to make the team, but I don't think there is anyone who can say he's definitely in this year. It's going to be very, very difficult."

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