Carroll's Ok,' Byron Says

January 16, 1991

Representative Beverly B. Byron yesterday told the County Commissioners that, when compared to the rest of her seven-county district, their money problems are nothing to worry about.

"I think that I havelost less sleep over the financial condition of Carroll County than any of the other counties," the seven-term Democrat said.

Although the commissioners have been trying to hold the line on a$3 million deficit in their current $116.3 million budget, Byron said that, all in all, they should consider themselves fortunate.

"Three million out of that much isn't that bad," she said as Steve Powell, the county's budget director, expressed concern over possible drops in federal aid levels. "I know that's probably more than you want."

In addition to lower levels of federal aid -- especially in programs designed for the poor -- the commissioners and county department heads told the congresswoman their concerns over the impacts of recently updated Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

Both of those acts -- which last year were made more stringent -- could pose a financial hardship on industries in the county.

"Both add materially toward the cost of doing business in the county," said Robert A. "Max" Bair, the county's executive assistant. "They could make it difficult to attract the kinds of industry we need to offset the costs of development."

Byron also was told of recent land purchases related to the Carroll County Regional Airport expansion project. Over the last severalyears, the county has turned to her office in securing a total of $2.8 million in federal funds for the project.

Byron meets annually with the County Commissioners and department heads. Yesterday, 17 people attended the hour-long meeting.

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