Snow Citations Upheld

January 16, 1991

TANEYTOWN — Town Council upheld citations issued last month for failure to remove snow, despite pleas from several residents upset about the $25 fines.

Thirty-three citations were issued after the season's first snowfall on Dec. 28. Citations were issued to those who failed to removesnow from their sidewalks within 10 hours after the snowflakes beganfalling, said City Manager Neal W. Powell.

Powell said residents were warned about the snow removal policy in earlier newsletters. Although residents are required to remove snowwithin 10 hours, citations were not given until 12 to 14 hours had passed, he said.

The ordinance, he added, has been on the books foryears but has not been enforced until a council order this year.

"It's really for (residents') protection, as well as the city's," Powell said. "If someone falls and hurts themselves, we both could be sued."

In other matters, the council directed Powell to advise Glen Swain, a 33-year-old maintenance worker for Telemecanique, that members are not enthusiastic about his proposal for an indoor shooting range.

The Frizzelburg gun enthusiast has proposed turning a former East Baltimore Street bakery into the county's first indoor shooting range. Swain does not own the former Baumgardner Bakery building at 12-14 E. Baltimore St., but has approached public boards to determine their interest in an indoor range.

Powell said council members believe the location is a poor one because of its tight quarters and close proximity to other businesses and homes.

"They're just not at all enthusiastic about the proposal," Powell said. "Given a better location, they might feel differently about it."

The council is expected to take action at its regular meeting next month on a proposed ordinance that would require permits for large, supervised fires, such as those fire companies conduct for training. The permits would require that adjoining property owners be notified and that information about the fire be posted.

The ordinance does not pertain to brush fires.

The council also renamed Court Drive to Courtland Street.

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