County Offers Child Care

January 16, 1991

Employees of Carroll County government will find a note in their paychecks next week about a new day-care center for their children.

Aday-care center for children of county employees will open April 1 in the former Kingdom Hall for Jehovah's Witnesses.

The county now owns the building, which is on Greenwood Avenue near the County Office Building, and has spent $60,000 in its renovation and supplies, said Leslie Hinebaugh, the county's child care coordinator.

Carroll Child Care Centers Inc., a private, non-profit agency, will operate the center. The agency operates other centers in thecounty and receives United Way money so that it can offer parents a sliding fee, said Joyce Wendl, executive director.

County employees will pay between $48 and $78 a week, depending on their incomes. The first 32 families that preregister will be assured spaces, Wendl said. If more families apply later, placement could be decided on a lottery basis, she said.

Pamela Peach, who works in the county commissioners' office, said she will enroll her 3-year-old son in the new center.

She currently leaves her son in an Ellicott City day-care center near her home but said she would rather have him near her office so that she can get there if he's sick.

"Peace of mind at work is 100 percent better for your work load. When you know your child is taken care of, you don't have to worry," Peach said.

The county has removed lead paint and asbestos from the Greenwood Avenue building and has ventilated it to prevent accumulation of radon gas, Hinebaughsaid. She said the building will have to pass a state inspection before it can open, so parents can be assured of its safety.

Peach said she has no concerns about the center's safety.

Hinebaugh said she believes that with 875 county employees, the center will have no trouble filling the allotted 32 spaces for children. If not enough county employees apply, she said, the center could be opened to Board of Education employees before being offered to the general public.

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