12 Farms Approved

January 16, 1991

The County Planning Commission Tuesday approved 12 applications fromfarm owners for the Agriculture Land Preservation Program.

The properties total 828.9 acres.

If the county commissioners approve the farms at a public hearingFeb. 7, almost 41,000 acres of land in the county will have been preserved.

The county's goal is to preserve 100,000 acres of farmland, or about one-third of Carroll's land area.

The commission, on the recommendation of the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board, didnot approve an application from Bryan V. and Marge S. Koch of 4501 Turkeyfoot Road in Westminster for 37.9 acres because the farm did notmeet the criteria for soil quality.

The farms approved were:

*Danny F. and Sharon F. Somers of 1202 Brown Road in Westminster -- 36.2 acres.

* Ralph and Betty Kelly of 4035 Bull Frog Road in Taneytown -- 41.9 acres.

* Henry and Katherine Mirfin of 4351 Middleburg Road in Union Bridge -- four properties totaling 355.2 acres.

* Lucy C. Billings of Hawks Hill Road in New Windsor -- 87.9 acres.

* Robert E. and Cynthia G. Ruhlman of 2203 Blacks Schoolhouse Road inTaneytown -- 25.6 acres.

* Walter F. and Dolores R. Cook of 3128 Littlestown Pike in Westminster -- 114.9 acres.

* Lloyd C. Bollinger of 1812 Trevanion Road in Taneytown -- 146.1 acres.

* Charles T. and Patsy L. Wiles of 1591 Crouse Mill Road in Taneytown -- 18.6 acres.

* Robert and Janet Levering of 16942 Bull Frog Road in Taneytown -- 2.5 acres.

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