Half Of Snow Budget Spent Already

January 16, 1991

The county has spent about $200,000 -- half of its snow removal budget -- cleaning up after the three snow storms in the past three weeks.

Relying on predictions of warm weather, Jim Irvin, county publicworks director, is optimistic about being able to handle any more snow this winter.

"The long-range forecast is for warmer than normal temperatures, but also more precipitation than normal," Irvin said. "So it's anybody's guess as to what's going to happen," Irvin said.

Snow removal maintenance and labor costs totaled about $182,000 for the Dec. 27, Jan. 7 and Jan 11. storms.

The county also used money from the clean-up budget to replenish the salt stockpile, Irvin said.

Altogether, the county has used 2,200 tons of salt, 1,300 tons of cinders, 10,300 gallons of fuel, 54 bags of calcium and paid for 2,325 overtime hours to clear the county's 750 miles of roads, Irvin said.

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