Wage Hike Unveiled

January 16, 1991

Carroll school officials, meeting with the teachers' union for the first time since mid-December, proposed a 3 percent increase in salaries for the next school year.

Harold Fox, chief negotiator for the Carroll County Education Association, which represents about 1,250 teachers, said that the wage proposal does not keep pace with the rate of inflation and rising health insurance costs.

"Three percent doesn't even begin to address what we've lost in the last year," Fox said.

About 70 percent of Carroll teachers earnbetween $22,414, the yearly salary of a beginning teacher, to $45,501, the annual wages of a teacher with a master's degree and 25 years experience.

CCEA has not yet offered its own salary proposals. Foxsaid a salary plan will be placed on the table once the association has worked out an insurance agreement with school officials.

The association will unveil its own insurance plan at a Jan. 23 meeting with school officials.

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