Snow Budget Buried

January 16, 1991

Last week's triple winter punch knocked out most of the county's snow removal budget, the County Commissioners were told yesterday.

During a regular Public Works Department meeting, the county's roads chief reported that about only 20 percent of his department's $542,220 snow removal budget remained.

With only about $106,800 left, the county could handle only two or three more storms before the snow removal program goes broke, said Benton Watson, chief of the bureau of road operations.

"I'm very grateful to see the sunshine today," he quipped during the brief afternoon meeting.

Most of the budget has gone toward the purchase of more than 8,000 tons of road salt for $297,251. Other big expenditureshave been salaries -- at 70,905 -- and rents and utilities at 59,270.

Watson said that his biggest concern is the cost of overtime, which, he said, is running about $1,500 an hour. With only $32,094 leftin the salary budget, the county's ability to pay drivers to plow the 48 routes could be gone if a large storm strikes during a weekend night.

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