Bulk Fuel Buys Better

January 16, 1991

The county should continue to purchase fuels in bulk rather than dealing solely with outside vendors, a county study has shown.

The County Commissioners were told this week that gas, diesel and off-road fuel for county vehicles should be bought and stored in large tanks by a single vendor. The county currently contracts with major fuel suppliers, who sell about 500,000 gallons of vehicle fuel to the county a year at a cost of $573,000.

The county has one automated fueling station at its Maintenance Facility on Meadow Branch Road.

The study, conducted by the Bureau of Vehicle Maintenance, suggests that the county saves at least $50,000 by buying fuel in bulk rather than dealing with outside gasoline dealers.

However, the study also recommends that the commissioners look into selling all county tanks to a large fuel company, and, in turn, have the company be the sole supply of fuel for county vehicles.

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