New waterproof mascara got serious splash testing

January 16, 1991|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

We love a company that goes to the limit to test a new product. That's why we couldn't help but cheer when we heard what Max Factor did to test splish splash underwater mascara.

The company didn't just have some model wear the mascara for a lap in a pool or a quick shower. Instead, it gave this stuff to sea world's synchronized swim team. These folks spend up to three hours at a time in the water. Splish splash stayed on even though it was submerged for hours until it was removed.

A person would have to be a bit obsessive to demand that mascara stay perfect underwater. We're not even quite sure why a person would insist on wearing mascara underwater. But we love the test.

Splish splash will be available to consumers in February.


These panty wearers are keeping mum: The public relations machine for Frederick's of Hollywood has released a tidbit that goes to prove ... well, we're not exactly sure what it proves. But we're certain it means something.

For those who don't know, Frederick's is the renowned purveyor of sexy lingerie. In the company's younger days, it was known as the maker of sleazy nightwear, but recently the company has begun toning down its act, hoping to make its products more appealing to middle America.

The news from the company is that the thong style of panty accounts for more than half of its annual millions of panty sales.

Thong panties basically have no back panel other than a little strip that disappears into your cheek cleavage. The popularity of this panty style, say the people at Frederick's, is due to the rise of body-conscious clothing, the kind that reveals panty lines. Many people began wearing them under their leotards for exercise.


Ann Klein II hops into the mailbox: We're happy to report that at least one of our New Year's wishes has come true. The fashion minds at Anne Klein II, the secondary line to the higher-priced Anne Klein collection, have announced that they'll introduce a mail order catalog on January 15.

The catalog will feature Anne Klein II fashions from past seasons styles no longer available in stores. We don't think that will be much of a fashion problem, because most of the Anne Klein II styles are classics. We also like the idea that all of the clothes featured in the catalogs will be either black or white. No need to guess just how bright that shade of red really is or how deep that forest green will be in natural light.

The first group of catalogs will be sent to customers whose names are in the company's At Your Service data bank. At Your Service is a telephone fashion hot line. To add your name to the list and get in on the mailing, call 800-451-6900, 10 to 7 weekdays. There's no charge for the catalog. Don't expect a bargain. Prices in the catalog are comparable to department store prices.

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