A tainted No. 1* I think it's disgusting that the AP voted...

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January 15, 1991

A tainted No. 1

* I think it's disgusting that the AP voted Colorado No. 1. This is another example of how our values have deteriorated. What has happened to integrity in sports?

Colorado should not have accepted its win over Missouri after scoring the winning points on a fifth down. When a group of supposedly intelligent people votes Colorado No. 1, what sort of example does this set for the rest of us? A demoralizing one, in my opinion.

Nancy Brown


What price success?

* Almost everyone agrees that baseball salaries are absurdly high. Many people, including myself, are happy the Orioles did not sign unremarkable and mediocre players like Franklin Stubbs.

I admire what the Orioles are trying to do, but they are simply a tiny light in a large and competitive environment. Sooner or later they will have to confront today's reality: Success, achievement, and winning will cost money. The Orioles may find out that mediocrity carries an even larger price tag!

Carl Lauer


MSA in name only

* We are writing in response to John Steadman's Dec. 14 column, "MSA needs to live up to stated name." We know that we speak for many other coaches and athletic directors when we say that we are in favor of the Baltimore City Public Schools joining the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

While the men's sports programs in Baltimore City have the Maryland Scholastic Association, the women's programs have no athletic affiliation. Past efforts by the Baltimore City women to join the MPSSAA without the men have been rejected. The MPSSAA will accept our entire athletic program or none at all. Both would be better served in the state athletic association.

T. Roger Wrenn and

Donna M. Bowers, coaches

Patterson High School

Rivalries suffer

* We, the sports staff at Patuxent Publishing, appreciate John Steadman's column on the Maryland Scholastic Association joining the rest of the state.

Since we cover prep sports throughout the county, we are well aware of the unwieldy and antiquated system that burdens the high school sports scene.

Not only does this cumbersome setup supress natural neighborhood rivals (Calvert Hall-Towson, Loyola-Dulaney, Gibbons-Catonsville), it doesn't allow for great teams (Calvert Hall-Perry Hall in baseball) to decide -- on the field -- a true state champion.

Nelson E. Coffin, sportswriter

Patuxent Publishing Co.

Praise for Hale

* In response to Pat Perkins' Dec. 18 Fans' Forum letter about Ed Hale, the owner of the Blast: Mr. Hale bought the team because he fell in love with the sport, not because there were no NFL teams for sale. He changed the team colors, not to break a 10-year tradition, but in answer to a survey completed by the fans.

Let's concentrate on what Mr. Hale has done for the Blast, the city and the fans: He has generated stronger advertisers, a major corporate sponsor in Leaf Candy, the College All-Star Showcase, and the MSL All-Star Game for next year. Now, with the World Cup coming to the United States, Mr. Hale is working overtime to place Baltimore on the venue.

Bob Mulfinger


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