Lida Lee TallEditor: I can't believe it. Gov. William...


January 15, 1991

Lida Lee Tall

Editor: I can't believe it. Gov. William Donald Schaefer is going to close Lida Lee Tall Learning Resource Center without ever entering the building, without ever meeting with parents, without even responding to parents' offer to pay a tuition increase of 50 percent next year.

The governor is wiping out, not merely cutting back, 125 years of educational excellence, experience and stability. Lida Lee Tall is a model elementary school serving mostly Baltimore City children.

It hosts researchers from around the state who test new programs and curriculum on the racially and economically mixed student population. It helps train scores of student teachers. And it does all this at a fraction of the cost per student to the state of local public schools.

Lida Lee Tall could be the flagship school in the state's efforts to learn what really works to educate and build self-esteem in the critical early years.

Instead, the governor will chain the doors after June, 1991. And just watch, sometime soon, someone will have a bright idea. Mr. Schaefer will go to the legislature begging for funds to start a model elementary school for Maryland. From there, it will take several years to get it going. And you can bet the cost to Maryland will be well beyond that of supporting Lida Lee Tall today.

Governor Schaefer, let's stop talking about the future. Let's do it now.

Mary Jo Kirschman.


Death Penalty

Editor: The year-end statistics are in. Three hundred and five murders in Baltimore, the city that reads!

I feel we have no choice but to get tougher. Yes, the deatpenalty.

Most people don't like to discuss this subject. But what choice do we have? Things have gotten completely out of control.

Take one of the latest murders. A 25-year-old husband and father from Crofton is robbed. He hands over his wallet (which contains a very small amount of money) with no resistance. He is then told to lay face down in the snow. All the while he is pleading for his life.

He is then shot in the back. Do these murderers deserve to live?

Drug traffickers should be treated the same way. Execute some of these criminals and maybe drug pushing and its easy money wouldn't look so glamorous to our youth.

It's time for all law abiding people to wake up. Certain crimes and criminals cannot be tolerated any more. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

Robert Alte.


Dukakis Bashing

Editor: When are members of the news media going to stop bashing Michael Dukakis? Have they forgotten that Mr. Dukakis is an honorable man who behaved courageously when he apologized publicly to an opponent for a remark made by a member of his campaign staff in 1988 which he thought was uncalled for. He promptly fired the person from his staff.

Mr. Bush has yet to apologize for all the filth he threw at Mr. Dukakis regarding his health, his patriotism, his religion and the highly exaggerated Willie Horton affair. He not only did not fire his campaign managers who produced all this slime, but actually rewarded them, i.e., James Baker is now Secretary of State and Lee Atwater was made national chairman of the Republican Party.

Had Michael Dukakis been elected to the office of president, we may really have had a ''kinder and gentler country'' that Mr. Bush talked about, but which has yet to become fact.

Dorothy W. Cronin.


School Spending

Editor: Many politicians and educators, the Linowes Commission and The Sun say maybe we could raise the level of education in Baltimore City to approach that of Montgomery County by increasing the spending per pupil in Baltimore City on par with Montgomery County.

I look at the same spending comparisons and say perhaps we could raise the level of education in Baltimore City to that of Harford County by reducing the spending per pupil in the city to that spent in Harford.

Maybe our financial-fix focus on funding is flawed?

Dave Reich.


Free Tibet

Editor: Xiao Houde of the Chinese Embassy wrote about Tibet under Chinese domination.

As a large, powerful country in the region for millenniums, China has long influenced other countries throughout Asia, including Tibet. But Tibet is a separate country with its own people, culture and history which was invaded by China in 1959 after 10 years of attempted domination.

The feudal history of Tibet is similar to the history of every other people in the world in respect to agricultural serfdom. But the Tibetans did not choose and indeed resisted communism. The recognized leader of free Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, advocates a democratic form of self-government for Tibetans.

I recently attended meditation and Buddhist instruction with a highly respected lama who had spent years in a Chinese Communist prison. His counterpart at the monastery he came from was killed.

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