Fogelberg's heart is in 'Wild Places' in latest album

January 14, 1991|By Gary Graff | Gary Graff,Knight-Ridder News Service

Dan Fogelberg's latest album, "The Wild Places," hasn't exactly torn up the charts, but the veteran singer-songwriter has received some airplay from adult-contemporary radio stations -- not surprising since that's where he figures the bulk of his longtime fans are these days.

"It feels like the kind of album I always wanted to make," says Mr. Fogelberg, 39.

"To me, it has the same kind of feel as 'Netherlands,' which was a highlight of my career and one I know a lot of the people who listen to me list as a favorite.

"It took a while for this one to germinate and to be written and recorded," he explains. "I had done 'High Country Snows' [a bluegrass album] and [the more rock-oriented] 'Exiles,' and this was something I wanted to do for a long time.

"You don't hit a home run every time you come to the plate; that's why I feel so good about it."

Still, Mr. Fogelberg -- who has no tour plans to coincide with the album -- shies away from those who want to label "The Wild Places" a concept album because of its recurring ecological themes.

"I don't think it's a conceptual record," says the musician, who resides in Colorado and New England. "It deals with my love of the outdoors. I was trying to make a statement about our need to preserve our wild places, our wilderness, the whole planet. I wanted to make people appreciate the beautiful miracle of what we have here."

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