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January 14, 1991|By Julius Westheimer

Nervously awaiting tomorrow's United Nations deadline for Iraq to leave Kuwait, we present a potpourri of workplace "easy-to-concentrate-on" items, designed to be helpful:

JANUARY JOURNAL: "Before you or your business makes a major purchase, ask when the item will be on sale. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers frequently will tell prospective buyers that date in order to keep them from buying at a competitive source." (CNN News)..."Biggest mistakes job-hunters make include: jumping into the job search too quickly, especially executives; hanging out in the old office; relying on the resume as a door-opener; depending on recruiters; not keeping in touch with people you've already networked with; winging the interview. And remember that the best time to start preparing for a job hunt is while you still have a job." (Karl Gimber, Right Associates, outplacement specialists.)

CUPID'S CORNER: "Women, is there a man in your office you want to ask out? Follow these rules: Rehearse ahead of time . . . be peppy and sound happy . . . have a plan for the evening, don't just talk about 'getting together some time' . . . be prepared to get away gracefully if you get a cool reception . . . if he says yes, don't expect him to pay . . . don't ask him out twice in a row; if he's interested, he'll call next." (Marrying Later, Marrying Smarter by Tracy Cabot, $17.95.)

MID-MONTH MEMOS: "About 4,000 non-smokers die each year from lung cancer caused by inhaling other peoples' tobacco smoke" (Environmental Protection Agency study) . . . "Death benefits from a life insurance policy are excluded from a beneficiary's income and are, therefore, taxfree." (Complete Book of Insurance by Ben Baldwin, $27.50) . . . "To keep your weight down on the road, walk around airports during flight delays, eat low-fat foods at hotels, discuss business matters during a walk instead of in a snack-filled conference room, pick hotels with exercise facilities and use them." (Travel Smart, via CNBC News.)

LOCAL LINGO: "Past recessions have lasted between 6 and 18 months. From what we read and discussions with company managements, we feel that the economy went into recession in late summer. If past cycles are a guide, this recession will be over any time between 1991's first quarter and yearend." (Joseph Wikler for The Rothschild Co.) . . . "Historical evidence shows that the average recession lasts about three quarters, but history was not a good predictor of this recession. The downward spiral of confidence and credit was a major contributor this time. Because these will be rebuilt slowly, the economic recovery expected in the second half of 1991 will be sluggish." (Mercantile Bank Economic Review) . . . "The low point of the business cycle is probably occurring right about now, or it is already past." (Investment Counselors of Maryland.) You may write for any of these full letters.

ENDPAPERS: "The U.S. federal debt in 1990 was $12,848 per person. 10 years before, it was $3,981 per person." (U.S.A. Today) . . . "Don't take my word for it; I was the guy who told Ford to build the Edsel." (Larry King on WBAL Radio) . . . Tomorrow is the payment deadline for quarterly estimated income tax for individuals, also corporations with Jan. 31, April 30, July 31 and Sept. 30 yearends . . . Harry B. Gorfine & Co. (539-5474) will mail its January report on new business tax provisions . . . "Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations." (Faith Baldwin)

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