Sykesville Jobs Safe

January 13, 1991

Employees at the Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in Sykesvilleshould not be affected by possible company layoffs, a spokesman saidFriday.

"The Sykesville plant will not be impacted to the best of my knowledge," Jack Martin said.

Westinghouse announced Thursday it might have to lay off asmany as 1,200 employees after the Defense Department canceled a Navycontract for the new A-12 "Stealth" Navy attack aircraft.

Martin said employees at Westinghouse facilities at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport and in Hunt Valley, Baltimore County, and Orlando, Fla., most likely would be affected.

Sykesville employees are not working on projects related to the A-12, he said. One of the major projects in Sykesville is engineering and design work on seven anti-submarine warfare combat systems for Navy ships, he said.

A Hampstead company also will be affected as a result of the canceled Navy contract.

Ridge Engineering Inc., on Hampstead-Mexico Road, had been making components for the A-12, president David W. Tracey said.

The company received an order from Westinghouse to stop the work, he said. Westinghouse is one of the company's largest customers, he said.

Ridge Engineering also has received orders to stop work on other projects, he said, declining togive his customers' names.

"The majority of our work is defense-oriented," Tracey said.

Because work has been slower than usual as a result of the recession, if the company doesn't receivenew orders in the next few months, Tracey said he may have to lay off "a few" employees.

"Layoffs will be very minimal if there are any," he said. The company employs 85 people.

"We're notgoing to panic. We're confident Westinghouse will pick up more contracts," he said.

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